A first attempt at a Kimberley Point

Kimberley point

Because I am using glass I am have become more interested  in Australian Aboriginal Kimberley Glass Points and those produced by the Native American Ishi. This point has been made from the flat sides of the same glass vase as the previous one, but I managed to achieve better edges. Having looked at some examples of Kimberley Points on Google Images I thought I would have a go at notching the margins. I started out along the top edge using my larger pressure flaker. The lower edge was with the smaller example (see both behind the point). The overall shape and type of notching is not right, but I am pleased with it. Some of the better Aboriginal examples have really fine serration along the edge, and I think a very narrow flaker must have been used. One of the things I like about the aboriginal points is that the form seems to acknowledge and work along with the material. Asymmetry seems to be integrated, and consequently they have an aesthetic all of their own. I am going to see if anyone has written about how these points were made, and also see if Stephen Welsh has any I can look at in the Living Cultures collection in the Manchester Museum. In the meantime I am going to have another go tomorrow!


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