I need to stop this

I am aware that I am becoming obsessed with this little project and probably need to stop posting these things. However, before I do I need to discuss my most recent one. At Chorlton Water Park a tree was blown over last year. within its roots a number of antique bottles were revealed. We collected the complete bottles last year, but went back this morning for some knappable antique fragments, of which I found many.

Victorian fragment

When I started flaking I stuck pretty strictly to the one edge, one face protocol described in the literature. I feel that I understand how to use it functionally and systematically now. Vigorous edge grinding is vital to create and rectify platforms otherwise it doesn’t work for me.

VF working along one edge

And so I worked along each edge in turn to shape and thin this thick curved piece of bottle glass, and it worked. I produced my best one yet, using the correct method and period glass. Most importantly though, I think I have grasped how to make formally correct glass Kimberley Points systematically.

VG point

This one is 91mm long, 26mm wide and 6mm thick. Shape wise it is similar to the green glass point at Manchester Museum discussed in a previous post. I am particularly pleased with the rhomboidal tip, and the edges are good. There is still a little more dorsal and ventral surface left on this than on the museum examples, and better thinning would have allowed cleaner serrations. However it is good enough. There is still plenty for me to chew over, and I have plenty of material (including a Pyrex oven dish) to play with. Primarily though, I have learned a lot through this process, know I can make these points well, and I have really enjoyed myself. The next post will not be about Kimberley Points.


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