I think I have just passed my Kimberley Points ‘A’ Level

Kimberley Point A level

I can’t seem to stop myself at the moment. This was a large piece of 6mm plate glass found at Chorlton Water Park yesterday. It was from near a blown down tree but I think the glass is modern. I divided it into two halves (using a glass cutter) so as to have two goes. This is the result from the first half. I followed the ‘one side, one face’ rule, with a little bit of hard hammer shaping for the base to get rid of big bits. Mainly though it was the large copper pressure flaker and the abraiding stone that has been used to get it into shape. This involves getting a series of really nice invasive removals, and a good edge, and then abraiding heavily in the areas that need reduction. Repeat until required shape is achieved. When close I shifted to my smaller copper flaker.


This Kimberley Point is large, something like 153mm long, 29mm wide and 6mm thick, and not disimilar to some of the Manchester Museum larger examples. What I discovered is that it is quite stressful when you get to the later stages, as mistakes can have big consequences. ‘Koalaboi ‘ on Bushcraftoz.com told me that he found making “the very fine point at the tip is excruciatingly difficult!”. Up until now I have found that process relatively OK, until working this large point. A lot of time and effort is invested and then it becomes quite stressful because the tip is so thin. In relation to these needle type tips, not all examples have them and I suspect larger examples like this do not because they were used as knives. I have put one on this example but need to check the literature again. Anyway, right shape, method, retouch pretty invasive and similar to museum examples. This evening I am feeling pretty pleased with myself!



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