Karen’s been out gallivanting


Friday evening and I ended up going back into Uni. Karen was going on a works do and so after taking the dog out I thought I would go back in and finish some things off. We have been knapping Johnstone during our weekly experimental sessions and slowly but surely I have got better. We started out in an unstructured way and I still can’t say exactly what my method is, but I am becoming pretty consistent and avoiding endshock. Anyway, tonight rather than finishing off what I went in to do, I ended up sat in the lab and decided to play with my thinning.

long point

As you can see it has worked pretty well and I am enormously satisfied with this one. Measurements wise it is still what Bruce Bradley would class as an Early, however I don’t really care too much as it is just pretty good. It has also confirmed to me that this material is actually ideal for knife blades. Kiefer Duffy and myself are going to get together to make a knife, and so I might try hafting this blade this weekend. If it works then we have the basis of a nice workshop we can do together, as he can knap, but also make a mastic glue from birch resin. Watch this space!

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